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Freestanding Flowers

Are you having an event and are looking for a beautiful and unique photo backdrop for your guests?  Our freestanding flowers are the answer! 

Our flowers are made from high quality German and Italian crepe paper.  Prices start at $50 for 1 flower on a stand.  Each additional flower is $25.  Contact us and we can chat about what you are looking for.  Custom requests are available.    


We offer a wide range of color options!


Delivery, set up, and breakdown are included in the price (Minimum $200) within a 20 mile radius of area code 34736.  


Depending on the screen you are using, either double click or hover over any picture to reveal details and pricing.

Due to the delicate nature of the paper and the unpredictable Florida weather, all our rentals are for indoor use only.  For outdoor events, we can rent you the stands and you would purchase the flowers.

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